Who really benefits from the pink ribbon campaigns: the cause or the company? In showing the real story of breast cancer and the lives of those who fight it, this film reveals the co-opting of what marketing experts have labeled a “dream cause.”

If you’re a woman, take the time to watch the documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc.

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Glad to see this on Tumblr. I don’t Pink. I don’t Run for a Cure. Write a check to your favorite women’s health charity.

I want a cure, I want research and support services and free diagnosis and treatment, I want lives saved. I do not give a flying fuck about pink ribbons, when less than 25% of Komen’s budget goes into research, but they do litigiously pursue competing organizations for trademark infringement. 

Find an org that is all about research or care or free services or support and write a check, click a donate button, give to someone who calls you but stop supporting an org that doesn’t do the actual work. 


Part 1 / 2. Part 2 here.

Stargate SG-1: 200


Love hearing the actors talk about the filming experience in the Artic

Love hearing the actors talk about the filming experience in the Artic

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Arrow? More like Green Arrow’s Home for Wayward Actors of Prematurely Cancelled Shows